Great service, I’ll be back for more treatments. Sam R. January 18, 2017

I wasn’t sure what to expect but with carpal tunnel in both hands I was willing to try anything. It’s quite a unique experience. Invigorating and revitalizing to the tissues. I’m excited to go again. Karianne B. January 19, 2017

Highly recommend 🙂 Traci S. January 19, 2017

This is extremely invigorating. I originally was interested because I have carpal tunnel and wanted relief, but now I think it helps the whole body. I’ll be back weekly if not more frequently. Kari B.- January 21, 2017

Very nice professional experience Yvonne B. January 26, 2017

Staff was very helpful and answered all questions. Location is very clean and welcoming. Will go back again. Melissa S. January 28, 2017

Good explanation of the process, helpful and friendly staff. Michael H. February 25, 2017

Great group! Tim B. February 27, 2017

Very nice, helpful people. Jill W. February 28, 2017

Great experience and still feeling positive effects the next day! Michele L. March 2, 2017

Amazing owners and just so relaxing after stepping out of a freezing cold chamber. Love how it makes me feel for a couple days after the therapy Joe R. March 4, 2017

It was an excellent experience! The owner was very informative and really friendly and welcoming. the facility was beautifully designed and included everything needed for a session. It was easy to do and an invigorating experience. I highly recommend Cranberry Cryotherapy to everyone!! Phoebe P. March 21, 2017

The tech is always helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend to my friends. Candice M. March 21, 2017

I had a fantastic experience!!! I have arthritis in many of my joints, one session at Cranberry Cryotherapy center gives me a full week of pain free activities…I love it!!! Linda H. March 24, 2017

Great experience. Knee has been doing great since my first session. Cant wait to go back! Jerimy P.- March 12, 2017

Great experience. The owner is really nice! Very clean facility. Will definitely go back. Nathan F. April 3, 2017

Very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!!! Lisa S. April 8, 2017

This was a great experience! The staff was very friendly and explained everything in great detail! I can’t wait to go back! Very invigorating! Patricia W. April 11, 2017

Beautiful clinic, very friendly staff and a wonderful experience. Definitely would recommend and will be back. Shannon G.- April 15, 2017

Beautiful facility, friendly staff and a wonderful experience. I will definitely be back. Shannon G. April 15, 2017

Always leave feeling pain free! Owners and great people! Ethan H.- April 17, 2017

Great place. Great staff. Our son has had two sessions and will be back for a third soon. Randy F.- April 19, 2017

I had a really great experience. Michelle was so nice and personable and made me feel totally comfortable and explained everything to me. It is a must try! Melissa P. May 17, 2017

Great place. Very clean. Really helps with arthritis . Michele L. – May 20, 2017

After running my first half marathon, I booked a session here. After my session, my soreness was decreased significantly. This therapy, combined with an Epsom salt bath the next day, allowed me to feel completely normal two days after the race. If I am ever injured or decide to do distance races again, I will be booking a session for sure! Kristen A- May 23, 2017

Excellent customer service! B.A. May 24, 2017

My technician was very knowledgeable and explained every step of the process to me prior to beginning my treatment. She told me how I would feel after my session as well as discussing the benefits of more than 1 treatment. She also stood at the chamber the entire time to ensure my comfort level. I am definitely returning. What an exhilarating experience. I felt so much energy after my session and my back felt better. It was definitely what I needed. Koren B. June 7,2017

The people were great and the process works! Stephen W. June 7, 2017

The facility is very neat, the people very friendly and the cryotherapy experience fulfilling. Charles R. June 7, 2017

Great experience. Tammie H. June 22, 2017

So thankful we have you so close! Two different doctors, numerous PT sessions, and too many copays, with no relief. After a couple sessions with you, I am finally pain free. Love your staff, too! Kathleen Y. – June 29, 2017

Super friendly, awesome office, I will be back! Kelly C. July 3, 2017

Beautiful facility and wonderful staff. Highly recommended it. Felt amazing.
Jason J. – July 15, 2017

Great staff, very kind. Works great to relieve my pain in my shoulder. Kelsey R. July 25, 2017

Wow, what a “cool” experience! We came because My 15 year old daughter suffers from chronic back pain and scoliosis, as do I, and I also had shoulder surgery 9 weeks ago that still gives me great pain. We figured we’d give this a try and we loved it! It was invigorating to say the least and all our pain was gone while in the chamber. Upon exiting, we were renewed and revived and had a burst of energy. We both slept like babies and can’t wait to reap the benefits of the next few days. We’ll definitely be back! October 12, 2017

I have been going here for awhile now and I am so glad I found this place for my joint pain. It relieves the pain for a few days. Also helps for stress tensionin my neck and lower back. I would recommend to anyone who wants quick relief. Sara L. October 16, 2017