Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of whole body Cryotherapy?
What is whole body cryotherapy (WBC)?
What are the primary benefits of whole body cryotherapy?
How does a cryosauna work?
What happens to the body physiologically during a cryotherapy session?
Is a cryosauna safe and tested?
Have cryosaunas been approved or evaluated by the FDA?
Who shouldn’t experience whole body cryotherapy?
How long does it take?
Is one treatment enough?
How soon can one expect to see results and feel benefits?
Is whole body cryotherapy just for athletes?
What do I wear during a cryotherapy session?
Do I take a shower before or after a cryotherapy session?
Is cryotherapy uncomfortable to experience?
Can I have a cryotherapy session if I have joint replacements or plate implants?
Can I use have a cryotherapy session if I’m claustrophobic?
Is there any scientific research on whole body cryotherapy?
Is whole body cryotherapy covered by insurance?
Is nitrogen dangerous for humans?
How does whole body cryotherapy compare to an ice bath?
How will I feel after a cryotherapy session?
Can I catch a cold from having a whole body cryotherapy session?
How often can I have a cryotherapy session?
Is there a height or weight limit for those having a cryotherapy session?
Are there age restrictions?
What are the potential risks of whole body cryotherapy?